Lynch on Humans as Detectives

“We are all detectives. It relates 100% to life. Most of us, we don’t know where we were before we were born. We don’t know for sure where we’re going after. We don’t know why we’re here. We don’t know much about anything we’re floating on a ball and something they call a universe on the edge of a Galaxy with about a 100 or 200 billion suns and we are going to football games and watching TV. It’s like pretty crazy.”

Quote from David Lynch’s creative writing lesson in his Masterclass.com course.

Don’t Get Crispy

“Most people fall into what [Marcel] calls ‘crispation’: a tensed and crusted shape in life—’as though each one of us secreted a kind of shell which gradually hardened and imprisoned him’.”

Gabriel Marcel as quoted by Sarah Bakewell in At The Existentialist Cafe

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